A Moment of Silence for all Future Deaths of Gun Violence

Let us now take a moment of silence for all the future gun violence deaths that would have been prevented if Congress had passed reasonable, common sense gun control laws. I am tired of meaningless moments of silence. I am tired of fighting this gun control battle. I cannot conceive of how anybody in this universe can defend the legality of such a weapon that killed so many people. But as usual — after such a tragedy, gun sales will go up. In fact, sales for the very weapon this man used to kill so many people will skyrocket. So will the stock for the company that sold the weapon. In my view, people should respond to this tragedy in silence. No amount of begging, crying, praying, or loud public protestations will do any good. Nor will it change anything. Silence is our most powerful response to this tragedy. Let’s see what the NRA has to say about this matter without anyone to berate.

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