About Us

Our focus at SignWithIntegrity.com is to support high school blue chip athletes. In specific, our aim is to encourage them to sign with colleges located in states that reject Donald Trump.

Four and five star blue chip athletes should refuse to sign to play for colleges like Alabama, Texas, LSU, Georgia, and the like.

Why is that you ask?

First — why on earth would any athlete support a political system run by a bunch of Trump Republicans? Simply put, Donald Trump states support causes that harm people. Many gifted high school athletes come from tough backgrounds. Trump’s policies hurt them. These policies are evident everywhere, especially in urban neighborhoods: stop and frisk, racial profiling, police brutality, cuts to assistance programs like Medicaid, Meals on Wheels, heating and energy assistance, and nutrition aid to women and children, cuts in tuition assistance….the list goes on.

Also — Republican states strip poor people of their most basic civil right — the right to vote. Several conservative Republican-controlled states have enacted strict voter ID laws. Despite Republican claims to the contrary, the sole purpose of these laws is to keep Democratic citizens from voting.

College football and college basketball are multibillion dollar industries. They  never hesitate to take advantage of all the money that flows into their schools via their football and basketball programs. They do so on the backs of their star athletes.

Taking Action

Blue chip high school athletes possess talents that are economic resources. In deciding which college to attend, they should consider taking bringing talents to a college located in a state that supports them, their loved ones, and people in their community.